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Meditation is fundamental to any spiritual practice. Beyond that, meditation is quickly becoming a mainstream and widely accepted form of relaxation, stress reduction, and peaceful living. From high levels of executive leadership to school age children, meditation is proving that when our minds are calm we are better able to learn new skills and lead ethically and with compassion.

At Empowerful Life, we believe in the power of meditation to shift consciousness; to heal the mind, the emotions, and the physical body; and to awaken and strengthen intuition. 

We teach four meditation techniques that are perfect for both the beginner and the seasoned meditator. 

We recommend a beginner start their training with the Max Meditation System™ or Chi Do Movement Meditation. 

Max Meditation System™

Blending techniques from Eastern and Western traditions, this system teaches you how to truly meditate!

Sanctuary Meditation Technique™

Connect to your higher self and create a space for inner peace, healing & knowing.


Astral Travel

Level 1

Learn the art of traveling anywhere in the known Universe including your own Akashic Records

Chi Do Movement Meditation

​Learn how to master having a calm mind while also being able to perform movements

Image by Jared Rice

4 week Meditation Series

Included in this 4-week meditation immersion is 4 individual classes that take place over the 4 weeks we have together, as well as handouts and personal study.

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