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Foundational Training for the Soul


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There has never been a better time to focus inward, to commit to your healing process, and to receive the tools that will increase your vibratory frequency.


The time is here for humanity to remain focused on raising frequency, expanding awareness, healing consciousness and committing to your greater service.


This Foundational Training for the Soul Program is KEY to assisting you in bringing more Light into our community so that we can all HEAL!

The FULL PROGRAM consists of TEN COURSES spread out over THREE separate weekends.

Students begin their studies with either
and receive advanced training with


Foundational Week 1:

  • Sacred Geometry Level 1 (1/2 day)

  • Journeys of the Spirit (full day)

  • Astral Travel (1/2 day)

  • 12 Races of Earth (1/2 day)

Adept Training:

  • Empower Thyself  - Two Day Course (full days)

Foundational Week 2:

  • Spiritual Intuition Level 1 (1/4 day)

  • Spiritual Intuition Level 2 (1/4 day)

  • Sacred Geometry Level 2 (full day)

  • Astral Travel Level 2 (1/2 day)

  • Lightworker Basics (1/4 day)

Created for new and existing students of the Modern Mystery School, your commitment to the full program will provide foundational training in metaphysical science, esotericism and shamanic magick, as well as the sacred rite of receiving the adept initiation into a 3,000+ year old Lineage (of King Salomon).

Students are also welcome to register for as many classes that fit their needs.

Significant progression will happen for all attendees.


Generous discount packages are available for those deciding to commit to their progression. Packages are listed at the bottom of this page.

The only prerequisite for our training program is a Life Activation. If you have yet to receive a Life Activation, this 2-hour session will need to be completed before you begin your training.



Sacred Geometry Level 1

FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2024  |  6p-10p

LEARN HOW TO CREATE A TEMPLE OF LIGHT for heightened protection and joy.

Creating a sacred space has become increasingly important. The desire to have a safe space to work and play is part of the New Paradigm energy.

What are you doing in the spiritual world to keep out unwanted energy? How do you create a sacred, gridded area to build positive energy in your space?

Learn what 'gridding,' is and how can apply this technique can help you hold more Light and stronger space.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to created a sacred temple.

  • How to grid your home, workspace, center to keep your space protected and strong.

  • The ancient art of sacred geometry and how to use it to help your clients and yourself connect better to spiritual energies.

  • How to clear and charge a space.

  • How to set up an altar for the purposes of your class or your spiritual practice. The altar is the anchor for your class or your home, and is very important for holding the energy.

  • Sacred prayers to connect to your Higher Self and to build your own energy structure.


You also receive a sacred geometry attunement to amplify the energy in your energy body, allowing you to connect to universal energy more effectively.

Stand Alone Cost: $150
 Foundational Week 1 Package: $700

Journeys of the Spirit

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2024  |  10a-7p

A DAY RICH WITH JOURNEY WORK as we explore the foundations of creation.

Nourish yourself, your mediation practice and your work in and for the world. This unique and exciting class is an advanced meditation program that uses the Ancient Mystery School method of the Sanctuary Meditation as a foundation from which to receive allies, gifts, and messages from the spiritual realm that can be used for the rest of your life.

In this full-day class, we will do 7 journeys total, including the establishment of your Sanctuary, connecting with your Higher Self as a Guide, and receiving your own Keys of power. From there, we visit each of the Elemental Kingdoms of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, and more!

This program promises the opportunity to receive specific guidance, encouragement, direction, and support from your own spiritual allies for all the different aspects of your life. Once you have laid this foundation, you will be able to work with it for the rest of your life.

Stand Alone Cost: $300
 Foundational Week 1 Package: $700

Astral Travel Level 1

SUNDAY, JANUARY 21, 2024  |  10a-2p

EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS in order to travel outside the physical body.

Astral Travel has been used for thousands of years as a way to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding. When you master the ability to travel with your consciousness, all knowledge is accessible and only limited by your imagination.

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to safely and easily explore the known universe. 

  • How to expand one's consciousness in order to travel outside the physical body.

  • Learn to safely shift conscious control and thought from energy inside the body to energy outside the body. 

  • How to access and work with the Akashic Records - also known as the Book of Life. 

  • Have greater appreciation of God's energy & how to access unconditional love.

Prerequisities: Sacred Geometry Level 1

Stand Alone Cost: $150
Foundational Week 1 Package: $700

12 Magical Races of Earth

SUNDAY, JANUARY 21, 2024  |  3p-7p


Would you be surprised to learn that we share the planet with non-human beings who have unique magick and societies?

Learn how we cohabitate as we share our planet together. These Beings of Light have been acknowledged by the ancient mystery schools. We have cultivated relationships with the other 11 races of Magickal Beings over the ages, allowing collaboration and interaction to be as peaceful as possible.

Who are these Beings? Magical Races such as the Elves, Fairies, Mer, Gypsies and others. How can we build harmonious and empowering relationships for all Beings of Earth?

The time has come to reveal the sacred knowledge of our earthly brothers and sisters.


You are invited to learn more about who these Races are, their part in the evolution of humanity, and how, together, we can rebuild harmonious and empowering relationships between all 12 Races of Earth.

Stand Alone Cost: $200
Foundational Week 1 Package: $700


Empower Thyself Adept Initiation




This course will introduce you to metaphysical concepts and ancient teachings to EMPOWER your life with the secrets of the sages that have been kept hidden throughout history.


The time is now to shift yourself, heal & start living life FULLY!

The Empower Thyself Initiation enters you into the ancient lineage of King Salomon, a 3,000 year old lineage of wisdom and knowledge. Teachings that have withstood the eons of time and tools that work for everyone regardless of background or belief system.


As handed down by an official Guide in the Modern Mystery School, the Adept Initiation brings you 10 times greater empowerment to make the energetic and physical changes that you need in order to reach your full in this life.


You will learn:

  • 10 keys for masterful living

  • Your energy system

  • What is the Hierarchy of Light

  • How is heaven structured

  • The path of human evolution

  • How to work with Archangels and Angels

  • Sacred tools such as rituals, meditations and prayer

  • How to work with energy so you can manifest the life you truly want to live!

  • The completion of this 2-day program is marked with a sacred initiation ceremony.

You are ready to receive 10 times the energy in order to empower and fulfill your life's work!

Do you have that little voice inside that is telling you there is something more to this life? Even though you have attained a measure of success in life already. Perhaps you have a great job, family, and overall life. And, yet, you have this gut feeling that you are missing something important. Some secret formula to life that you just haven't figured out yet? Now is the time to figure it out!

This 2-day transformative weekend starts the process of energetic alignment with the Universe and the Divine! All that is required of you is an open mind and a willingness to imagine beyond perceived limitations and limiting beliefs!


The information & tools, combined with the physical initiation into one of the seven Ancient Mystery Schools, during this weekend program will propel you forward into the actualization of your DESTINY.

Prerequisite: Life Activation​

Stand Alone Cost: $1500
Lightworker Training Package: $1950
2 Monthly Payments of $1050
4 Monthly Payments of $550



Spiritual Intuition Levels 1 & 2

Have you ever said that you had a "gut feeling" or that the "vibe was good or off?" How many times have you said "I just knew?"


Spiritual Intuition is using your senses to help guide you through life. Everyone has these senses and you use them with or without realizing it.


While some people are more in-tune with their senses, did you know that we all have them?


Everyone can benefit from strengthening and learning to trust your senses in order to enhance your daily life. In this class you will learn how to activate and strengthen your spiritual senses.


With practice, these excerices will aid you in better decision-making, help you be more in tune with your spiritual guides, and, ultimately, serve you in creating the life you really want to be living.

Stand Alone Cost: $50/ea
Foundational Week 2 Package: $700

Sacred Geometry Level 2

Learn to become a Crystal Healer!

Do you LOVE crystals? Would you like to be able to unlock their healing abilities? 

This one-day course will introduce you to the magick of working with crystals for healing, clarity, and to amplify sacred space. 

You will bring your relationship with crystals to the next level as you learn to heal yourself and others.

In this course you will learn:

  • Techniques for healing physical, emotional and mental traumas; 

  • Crystal readings for clarity & decision making;

  • Using crystals for lucid dreaming; and 

  • Crystal gridding for space enhancement.


These healing sessions can be done on yourself, for self healing, as well as used to serve clients with 4 powerful stand-alone healing modalities.

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry Level 1

Stand Alone Cost: $400
Foundational Week 2 Package: $700

Astral Travel Level 2

We are only limited by what we can conceive of, and we are far greater than we can even imagine!

Join us in the next level of Astral Travel training in order to master the art and science of expanding consciousness and traveling outside of the body. Tap into your divine nature while learning advanced techniques of astral traveling and astral projection directly from an ancient mystery school tradition.

This class is perfect for both experienced meditators and those new to meditation.

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry Level 1 & Astral Travel Level 1

Stand Alone Cost: $200
Foundational Week 2 Package: $700

Lightworker Basics

This course is geared toward supporting new healers or practitioners. Covering the basics from business creation to marketing foundations, this is a great starting place for anyone considering monetizing their training in order to serve others.



•  Basics on business formation options

•  Basic liability issues & ordinances to consider

•  Pricing and packaging for your clients

•  Systems that support Lightworkers doing business

•  Pitch & target market basics

•  How to develop your ideal client profile.

Stand Alone Cost: $100
Foundational Week 2 Package: $700


Option 1

Foundational Week 1

Get Started



Book each class individually as ready.

Booking links above.

Package Pricing


Get four courses completed in one weekend.

Option 2

Adept Training

Initiation Only



Package Pricing


When including Life Activation

Option 3

Adept Training




Book each class individually as ready.

Booking links above.

Package Pricing


Completed in two weekends.

Option 4

Complete Local Training

Best Discount



Book each class individually as ready.

Booking links above.

Package Pricing


Three weekends of training.

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