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Shamanic Healings

kelly aho tools shoot 15 july 2019 jenny

Shamanic Aura Clearing


This deep shamanic clearing session works on releasing negative energy held in your aura, allowing your aura to be cleansed and returned to working at its optimum capacity. ​​



Cord Cutting


In living a normal life, we come into contact with negative energy, and negative people. This session assists in releasing you from this negative energy, allowing your energy field to be free & clear so you can focus on creating the life you desire. 

This is a great session to receive after any break up, career change or huge relationship fight.

​$85/ Session

kelly aho tools shoot 15 july 2019 jenny
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Aura Healing


This personal one-on-one session heals the aura by filling gaps that are created from many things like tobacco, alcohol, high stress, or even spicy foods!

Our focus is on undoing the damage that has been done to your aura, so that after this session you will leave feeling more whole and pure!


This allows you to access more joy and light in your life!

(Multiple sessions may be required)

Celtic Merlin Healing


​$350/ Session

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