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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked these questions often. It can be pretty overwhelming when you are first seeking spiritual education or energy healing. You want to find something that feels right for you, and that has a proven track-record of working.
Below are some of the most popular questions that we receive. We hope they will help you determine which of our tools are the right fit for you.

Why Would I Select a Healing Session?

You know those days when you just feel off? Have you recently, or are you currently, physically ill? Feel like you aren't firing on all cylinders? This is where a healing session will make the greatest impact.


Sometimes we just need a little energetic assistance to help us come back into alignment so that we can be our greatest selves in every moment of our lives. Personally, we receive a healing session ourselves once every month or two so that we operate at the highest capacity. You too can receive great benefit from taking time to do some energetic self-care.

Why would I select a clearing session?

As we go about our normal life, we are constantly walking through a variety of energies and emotional expulsions. Some of this can come from ourselves, and some will come from the people around us. We end up picking up energetic residue that can affect our own emotional state of being and energy level. When you regularly support your energy field with a clearing you are clearing and purifying your system so you can be more effective and efficient in your life.

How do I choose which class, healing session or meditation is best for me?

Each of these sessions is powerful and will leave your energy field balanced and aligned. However, each session utilizes a different set of tools and approaches energy balancing in different ways. Therefore, we have made it easy for you, all you need to do is select "1-hr Healing Session" or the "1-hr Clearing Session" and leave the rest up to your practitioner who will contact you directly. Together you will decide which modality will get you to the results that you're looking for (even if you not sure what they are yet).

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