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The Modern Mystery School

What is the Modern Mystery School?

The Modern Mystery School is an international community of like-minded individuals, from around the world, with the shared mission of true and sustained World Peace.


The mystery school tradition goes back to time immemorial and have held a special responsibility on our planet; protecting and perpetuating the wisdom and knowledge of empowerment and manifestation for those initiated into the mysteries. 

​Many Initiates have gone on to make huge impacts on the planet through the actualization of their life's work. This is often referred to as destiny, or life purpose.


Initiates of the Mysteries have included Leonardo da Vinci, Joan of Arc, Nikola Tesla, Mother Teresa, Sir Issac Newton, Alice Bailey, and John F. Kennedy to name just a few. 

Utilizing the alchemical process of activation and physical initiation, a mystery school will support you moving into direct alignment and actualization of your unique mission.


The mystery school axiom is "Know Thyself," which is the process of healing and discovering the true you, whereby revealing deep and profound joy, fulfillment and peace. 

What is the Lineage of King Salomon?

The Lineage of King Salomon is an unbroken lineage of ancient wisdom, held intact, in order to support our planet's transition into the New Paradigm. Going back over 3,500 years to King Salomon.


This lineage's mission is to restore human to its infinite divine blueprint -- ultimately bringing about World Peace.

Following the oral tradition of teacher to student "handing down," or passing on of, knowledge, the strength of this Lineage comes from its long line of initiates who have used the mystery school tools of alchemy, kabbalah, metaphysics, hermetics and quantum consciousness to fulfill their life work and make huge contributions on the planet. 

​The metaphysical knowledge and wisdom available to those who choose to step forward and receive is unparalleled in the modern world.


If you are ready to excel in your life, letting go of the old constructs and limitations in order to embrace your infinite and divine nature, then this lineage and the Modern Mystery School is the ideal place for you to study and heal. 

Introducing the Key Lineage Holders

The Third Order consists of three Ipsissimus' who are charged with running the operations of the Modern Mystery School and of keeping the purity and integrity of the Lineage of King Salomon alive and strong.

Hideto Nakagome

CEO of the Modern Mystery School Japan

Founder & Ipsissimus
Gudni Gudnason

Founder and Key Lineage Holder of the Modern Mystery School

Sovereign Ipsissimus
Dave Lanyon

CEO of the Modern Mystery School International

What is the Council of Twelve?

The Council of Twelve is a High Spiritual Council made up of 12 Goddesses from around the world. They are tasked with anchoring the Divine Feminine back into the world, including supporting and maintaining the direction of the Modern Mystery School.


Of the 12 Goddesses, 6 are from the Western World and 6 are from the Eastern World. They were selected for this honored position because of their long standing dedication to maintaining the purity & accessibility of the Lineage of King Salomon. ​

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