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The Path of Progression

What is a path of progression?

A path of progression is a series of steps that have been tested and replicated for thousands of years in order to achieve mastery or to fulfill your life's work. The Modern Mystery School has two main paths of progression, the healer path and the warrior path.

The introduction to this lineage is the Life Activation. The Life Activation helps reconnect you with the divine blueprints so that you can better achieve your unique life's purpose. Following the Life Activation, you can choose to receive initiation into the deeper mysteries. This is done at the Adept Initiation (1st Step), a 2-day seminar called Empower Thyself. In this program you will receive tools to discover who and what you are, where you came from, where you are going, and what is your purpose in life. With this physical initiation you will also be connected, on a deeper level, to the Hierarchy of Light and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light!

Once you've chosen & received the first initiation, you are free to pursue the paths of the higher initiate. It was King Salomon's belief & practice, that his warriors should be trained as healers, and his healers should be trained as warriors.  And thus, the Modern Mystery School implements this practice making it possible for initiates to achieve a true and profound mastery of the self in order become the divine being you were always meant to become. Balance is a basic tenet of the mystery school process.​

When you become a part of the lineage through the initiatory process, you are also becoming a part of a larger family. The Modern Mystery School is a tribe of brothers and sisters that stretches across the globe. We are all dedicated to the pursuit of empowerment and the betterment of humanity through self-actualization and greater service to all. May Peace Reign! 

The Healer Path

This path is about healing the self through healing others. It's main objective is to help others actualize their life's work and their greatest potential.

Image by Artur Tumasjan

The Warrior Path

This path is about mastering the self and the ego. It's main objective is fighting evil, both within and without, and mastering magick through ritual work.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah

The Universal Kabbalah is a 10-Month Ascension Program that was designed to bring an individual face-to-face with the 10 aspects of the divine in order to connect deeper with yourself and to know God. 

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