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My name is Moriah Hanson and I’m excited to share about myself! I am an energetic, bubbly, free-spirited and kind person. I care a lot about people and positivity and creating an environment where those around me can have fun and feel loved.

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My Story

I was raised in a community that held certain beliefs around how and why I worship God. As a child I felt like there was more than what I was being told, so I started a search. As a college student I found the freedom and time to experience things outside of my community's belief system. During that process I tried many different ways to experience life through different types of beliefs and magicks. Eventually, I was introduced to the Modern Mystery School and the Lineage of King Solomon when I received my Life Activation in 2019. The Life Activation changed everything for me and I felt its benefits immediately. I found what I had been searching for all this time and I have continued on the path ever since.

Moriah received certification from the Modern mystery school as a Life Activation Practitioner in June of 2021.

Moriah's Contact

I'm always looking to provide support and to serve new clients. Let's connect.

Phone Number 425-791-4893  Call or Text

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