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I'm Jennifer Miller, a certified Life Activation Practitioner & Teacher in the Lineage of King Salomon! I have an adventurous and creative spirit who wants nothing more than to help people heal themselves. The tools of this lineage have helped me reach levels of mental and spiritual health I never thought possible, and I love sharing those tools with others.

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My Story

Since the day of my Life Activation in April of 2019 my life has improved exponentially. My self-love, self-worth, confidence, joy have never been better in my life. Because of this, I became a Life Activation Practitioner and Teacher in this lineage so that I can show others the way to their own healing.


If you're ready to take a step forward towards healing, towards self-love, towards joy, contact me today and let's get your session booked.

Jennifer received certification from The Modern Mystery School as a Life Activation Practitioner in 2021, Ensofic Ray Healing Modality Practitioner in 2022, and as a Teacher in 2023.


Jennifer's Contact

I'm always looking to provide support and to serve new clients. Let's connect.

253-343-7472  Call or Text

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