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I am Connor James Igielski, born and raised in the greater South Seattle area near Federal Way. I moved to the Phoenix area permanently in the Summer of 2022.  I am an Initiate, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Certified Healer and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon. Service to humanity, God and the Lineage is my primary focus in life. It is through service that brings me to know thy self and to help others know themselves as well.

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My Story

Being a Certified Healer with the Modern Mystery School in the Lineage in King Salomon is an absolute privilege in my life. The healings that have handed down to me have been tried, tested and unadulterated for well over 3,000 years. I am so excited to share them with the world because from anything else I have tried, these are the cleanest and actually do work. 


I am a massage therapist who went to Cortiva Institute in Federal Way, WA for my massage studies. With many years of being a massage therapist, a majority was spent working with doctors to help patients rehabilitate from car accidents and work injuries.

I work for myself, have also worked for multiple chiropractors and spas since the beginning of my career. I desire to utilize all of the tools in my belt to help others better themselves.

Connor's Contact

I'm always looking to provide support and to serve new clients. Let's connect.

(253) 365-4260   Call or Text

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