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My name is Alexandria Court. I would be so honored to work with you. I’m an incredibly kind person who likes to hype people up with optimism. I’m passionate about finding things that make life worthwhile - like food! After spending so much of my life afraid of living; I'm so excited to meet life’s challenges and inspire others to embrace everything that life has to offer! 

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My Story

In 2010, I was a gifted straight A student who was flunking out of school because I was so unhappy with life that I couldn’t get out of bed.


There’s hope that life can get better, that you can have everything you want out of life!


These tools that I gained from the Modern Mystery School and the Lineage of King Solomon have given me that spark of hope that I can create anything I want in life. That I’m worthy of a beautiful life filled with purpose, love and joy! And I’m still discovering who I am more and more each day! 


And I want to share those tools with the world, so that everyone can have hope of achieving their “happily ever after”. Whatever your dreams are, let’s make them come true!


Alexandria received certification from The Modern Mystery School as a Life Activation Practitioner in 2018.

Alexandria's Contact

I'm always looking to provide support and to serve new clients. Let's connect.

425-387-8008  Call or Text

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