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The Winds of Change are Always Blowing

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

I've never understood why certain people choose to stand still in their lives, frightened by change, paralyzed by a fear so deep and dark in their psyches that they can't even name it. Now, don't get me wrong, there have been times in my life where I too stood still, afraid of what was coming next, afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle the "next," or just plain apathetic to what was happening in my life and in the world around me. However, I've been a girl who has embraced change, was thrilled at the "new and shiny," and was ready to rinse, reuse and definitely recycle anything and anyone in my life that wasn't fun or interesting anymore.

The fact is, change is the only guarantee in this world. Every moment is something new. Every thought is thought by someone new. Every single thing is in a constant state of change - this is just basic scientific understanding. This brings me to my point, you can never stop change from happening, however you can become the catalyst, the director and ultimately the master of change.

Be the Catalyst of Change

When you accept the fundamental truth that change is the only constant then you can move into the powerful position of being a catalyst for the change happening in your life and in the world around you. It is not a coincidence that Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi was in the middle of catalyzing real and lasting change in his country of origin freeing his people from the tyranny of colonialism. He knew that the only way to shift the country's mindset was to assist his fellow Indians in taking up the fight for change by owning their important place in the greater mission of the overall change by becoming the change themselves.

In order to catalyze change you must be the change. Here's an example: you want to have more loving and supportive relationships in your life, you must first be loving and supportive in your relationships with others. If you are not getting the results that you want, it's time to start defining the thing that you desire. Going back to my example, you want loving relationships, what does "loving" mean to you.

Practical magickal application: define a thing through the experience of all 5 of the physical senses (look like, smell like, taste like, sound like, and feel like).

When you become the change first, you are in effect changing your quantum field of resonance. You are shifting the vibration of your field so that you can attract more of the similar vibration. Love vibrates at a certain frequency, so when you become more loving you in essence attract more love into your life.

Some advice from a healer: I highly recommend a Life Activation for anyone who is wanting to become conscious catalysts for change in their lives. This Activation works to open up frequencies within your very DNA structures in order to support releasing old stuck patterns while embracing lasting positive change. There is no mistake why we in the mystery school have the Life Activation as the foundational session someone does when beginning their work with a Certified Healer, Guide or Teacher - it is just that powerful of a transformational tool!

Be the Director of Change

Once you've gained some practical experience being the Catalyst for Change in your life, you are ready to shift into higher conscious awareness by becoming a Director of Change. This upgrade at first will appear to be subtle, and yet the effect on your formative world will shift dramatically. In essence, you are moving toward being a more conscious and active participant in the constant change in your life. As I've said, change is the only constant, the only guarantee (beyond death) in this physical reality, now it is time to actively direct the change in and around you.

A Director not only understands and applies the skills of a catalyst, at this point you have become more proficient at seeing the bigger picture and can now direct the energy of change toward the areas you desire the change to manifest. Just like a movie director, you hold the entire vision of the production and all of the players, and you are in a constant state of deciding what is in alignment with the vision and what needs tweaking and adjustments before it can be included in the final cut of the film. The film in this analogy is your life.

Practical magickal application: If you are not quite sure what your perfect vision is, take the advice of Stanley Kubrick, "I do not always know what I want, but I do now what I don't want." When you can outline what you do not want, then you can call into focus what you do want. Clarity can go a long way for a Director of Change.

Becoming the director in your life is much like learning the "adulting" skills of owning the ultimate responsibility for your life. When you can fully embrace the responsibility you have for the life that you are living, you will no longer be trapped in the world of victimhood. I am not suggesting that you are responsible for the painful and traumatic things that may have been done to you, I am suggesting that you carry 100% of the responsibility for how you choose to handle the aftereffects of those experiences. As the director you can visualize the consequences or outcomes of decisions, determine if these are in alignment with your greater vision, and then act accordingly and with full responsibility for the manifestation.

Some advice from a healer: Awareness is key for making the shift between being a Catalyst for Change and becoming a Director of Change. As a Guide in the Modern Mystery School, I have found that the Salmonic tools, teachings and physical initiation that occur during a 2-day training program called Empower Thyself Adept Initiation is a fast-track way of expanding awareness. Every person who attends this program will gain true practical magickal training for conquering the ego and healing the subconscious.

Be the Master of Change

In esoteric terms, a Master of Change has full control over the tides of change and can wield the quantum realm in order to manifest only what the Magus (Master) desires. A master has clarity and purity of both thought and will, and understands the measure of their soul in relation to the powers of the universe. Which may seem like a tall order to fill, however this is entirely possible and, in fact, is the ultimate goal of the adept initiate.

A Magus is a magickian of the highest order, and has attained a level of mastery in magickal operations including ritual, manifestation, healing, and redirection. I am using the term "magick," which has an unusual spelling. I am not talking about the illusion of magic, I am talking about the magick of creating something out of nothing, or changing something into something else. A Master of Change does not work within the realm of illusion, and instead works within reality creating or changing based on the desire of spirit through the influence of the soul.

Practical magickal application: When you are going through a process of "waking up" you are actually going through a process of breaking out of the illusion (usually of your own making) that you have been trapped in. As this happens, you begin to experience true reality. At this stage, it can be quite difficult to know the difference between illusion and reality. To begin honing your skill at deciphering between the two I recommend becoming aware of your opinions about your life and the world around you. When you are clear about your opinions you can weigh them against true reality. Reality does not change, regardless of what you think about it, how you feel about it, or what it's affect has been on you. Reality just is, period. Opinions show you where you've created an illusion, also known as a "story" about the world and your experiences.

Everyone has the ability, and the birthright, to wake up, become responsible, heal and gain mastery over the physical world. This is exactly why the ancient mystery schools exist at all. These seven lineages have existed in order to keep the purity of God's love and wisdom for those who chose to seek the highest attainment of mastery in the physical. Of course you can attain mastery without becoming a member of an ancient lineage, however with one of the ancient mystery schools open to the public (open since 1997) why struggle on your own when you can seek and receive powerful tools and hidden knowledge that can assist you in becoming the Master in your own life.

Some advice from a healer: The Modern Mystery School is the only open door ancient mystery school, and has been actively and publicly training those seeking a path of higher knowledge in order to know oneself as a divine galactic being and to become a master of the physical world. This a Path. There are specific levels of attainment along this pathway, although every person's path is as unique as they are. One of the greatest tools this school has for healing, knowledge, and self-mastery is the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah program. Although not a step along the initiatory pathway, Kabbalah is the originating knowledge of God and is a fundamental tool to answer the quintessential questions: who am I, what am I, where did I come from, where am I going, and what is my purpose in life.

Embracing Change

Embracing change does not need to be a fear-inducing endeavor. You have the power within you to become an active participant in the only constant, and you also have the ability to move from the Catalyst of Change to the Director of Change and finally to the Master of Change by becoming more aware, conscious and healed.

As someone who was never afraid of change, I did often feel disassociated from the process of change happening in my life and in the world around me. This left me with a general feeling of apathy while experiencing an immense amount of inertia in my life.

Everything changed for me when I received my Life Activation in April 2011, then when I became an Adept Initiate (Empower Thyself in June 2011), and finally when I completed my first Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah program in 2013. I have overcome and healed so many things in the 10 years that I have been a student of the Modern Mystery School, and I have so much more that I want to accomplish throughout the remainder of my physical life. I now have the tools to make that desire a probability rather than a possibility.

When I became a Guide in 2014 my greatest wish was to give everyone I connected with the ability to change their own lives, to overcome their own apathy and inertia, and to create lasting peace and joy for us all. All I needed at the beginning of my journey was to take a leap of faith, trust in my Guide (the person who initiated me), and a desire to embrace change for the good of all! What is your leap of faith? And, are you ready to receive more so that you can create more? No one can do it for you, you have to step forward and ask for it so that you can receive all you desire. I am here to support you if you so chose, and am happy to refer you to one of my many colleagues in over 50 countries worldwide who share my mission of service. Be the change!


About Kelly Hull Aho

As a Metaphysical Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Guide in the ancient Lineage of King Salomon, certified by the Modern Mystery School, Kelly has supported the empowerment, self-expression & personal healing of hundreds of people using the Mystery School techniques of activation, energy healing, and initiation.

Kelly shares her life with her amazing husband, two children and two furry cats in Phoenix AZ. Growing up in the midwest, she prefers practical over conceptual and serves her clients well from that perspective.

Find her on: IG: @spirituallyempowered

To inquire about working with Kelly:

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