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5 Steps to Envision the Life You Want

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

The Time is Now - Directed Change is Just Ahead

Growing up in the 20th and 21st Century has taught me one thing, change is always just around the corner. I was born into an analog world that is now so digital we can have video calls like the Jetson's cartoon I grew up watching. The "old guard" is rapidly loosing power and control over the world's global views and standards whist the younger generation is directing a powerful movement of acceptance, love, and peace.

Even though these global shifts, for the most part, are positive and more inclusive, we can still find ourselves feeling "out-of-control" and "at-war" in our own lives. This is because we are all being called to take notice and responsibility for the areas in our lives, both internally and externally, that we have given away our power and control. As we wake up to this reality, there is a real learning curve of understanding how to actively create the world and life we want to be living. You must first learn to envision the life you will create before you can create it.

I have put together a simple five step process, that I use, to help you get clear about the kind of life you want to create, to support you in taking responsibility for your life, and to support you to take back power and control:

Step #1 Imagine

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, relaxing your body from your feet to the top of your heard. Allow your mind to relax and slow down. Then, in your mind's eye, begin to imagine your life. Imagine how it would look if everything you've ever wanted was already yours. Where do you live? Who do you choose to have around you? What is different? What is the same? Allow yourself to fully engage in this vision. Walk around, ask questions & listen, taste, smell, feel. When you have fully experienced this version of your life, come back to waking consciousness, and use a journal to capture your experience. Be as detailed as you can, savor the experience of this vision. Even if you think you didn't get anything, start writing - you will be surprised how much you did get. If you'd like to make this exercise more specific you can begin by working with what your life is like 1 year from now, 3 years from now, 5 years, etc.

Step #2 Perceive and Plan

Again, close your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, return to your image from step 1. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the vividness that you had created before. Then, begin looking backward in the timeline of this reality. Notice what steps and/or actions did you need to take in order to help make this vision become a reality? Make a mental list of the things that occurred in order for you to be living this life. If you feel blocked, ask your spirit guides or higher self for assistance to see and understand more clearly. You may only get a few items, or you may get a lot of items, there is no perfect way of doing this exercise. When you feel complete, return to consciousness and begin journaling your experience. You can return to your vision from Step 1 as many times as you need to to get more clarity on action steps or things you need to let go of, keeping in mind, that as you begin to know yourself more deeply, your originating vision may begin to alter.

Step #3 Sort and Clarify

Looking back on your list of steps / actions, begin to put them into three columns: (1) Easy to Act; (2) Scary to Act; (3) Unclear Action. Steps / actions are fluid and are likely to change where they sit in this categorization system, allow for flexibility. Begin by placing in the category for where and who you are in this moment. Once you have placed each item into one of these categories, begin working with the items to get some additional clarity. For Column 1 "Easy to Act" list 1-3 ideas of how to take immediate action on the step listed. For Column 2 "Scary to Act," list 1-3 fears associated with that action step, or what you are afraid of loosing if you take action. Finally, working with Column 3 "Unclear Action," write a paragraph or two working out your thoughts and feelings about each step that doesn't present an obvious reaction. From this journaling, you should be able to move the item into one of the other columns and proceed from there with the exercise. If not, don't worry, you can still keep moving forward with the next step.

Step #4 Prioritize

Looking at your work from Step 3, you can see that you are beginning to get an idea of what you can easily tackle or employ into your life right-away, and what may take some more time or healing work for you to become comfortable taking action on. It is time to create a priority list from each item / step in Column 1 and in Column 2. If you are brave, stretch yourself here to include items that bring up fear reactions, but you are willing to do them anyway. Even if you need more time to work through the fear or receive energy healings to resolve, include them, but put them further down the list. (There is wisdom in this saying: "Anything that will push you to grow will illicit a fear-reaction first, do it anyway!") Do what you can here, the point is to know where you can focus your energy right away to receive the greatest benefit. The goal is to start with 3-6 priorities to tackle in the coming month or two (see Step 5 below). The rest can be revisited as you complete the short list.

Step #5 Action Steps for Success

Now we are going to focus on the 3-6 priorities you choose from Step 4. (See Note below) You can work with these priorities however feels right for you. I like to put each one on its own piece of paper as the title of the page. Then I spend 20-30 minutes fleshing out ideas, thoughts, plans and action steps to incorporate this "step" into my life. Sometimes I draw pictures, or have thought-bubbles around the "step" helping me to focus. I've also taken each "step" into meditation to get more clarity around how I can take action on it. Whatever feels right for you, do it with each priority. The goal here is to create action steps and begin acting on them right away! As you begin acting towards your vision, you should build in time to evaluate the outcome in your life as a result of completing or implementing these steps. If you getting more of what you want, keep going. If you are not, then it's a good time to start over at Step 1 to see what's changed in your vision.

Nothing Goes to Waste

We are not discarding the other work that did not make the first cut as priorities, but we are narrowing our focus so as to be most effective in creating the future we want. Keep all of your journaling and work from this process, as you can repeat it as much as you would like at a later date to receive clarity and insight, and may also find the review helpful in seeing how far you have come, grown and changed through this process.

There is no "perfect" way to do this exercise. As you begin working with it you may find that tweaking it here or there helps you focus-in. I encourage you to tell yourself the truth about where you stop yourself from your greatness. Dream big, and then dream BIGGER! And, I say, GO-FOR-IT! Every time you do this 5-Step Process, it will take less and less time, and you will become more and more willing to take on things that are scary and overcome your fear response. Pretty soon you will notice that your life will reflect aspects of your vision and you will find yourself opening up to even greater possibilities. There is no limit to what you can create!

For Adept Initiates: Empower Thyself tools that can be applied to this 5 Step Process are (1) Sanctuary Meditation; (2) Calling Upon Ritual; (3) Prayer of Protection. Interested in receiving these tools so that you can benefit from using them, register for Empower Thyself Adept Initiation.

Healing Sessions Recommended to support this process: (1) Life Activation; (2) Soul Retrieval; (3) SG6: Core Will Activation & Infusion. Sessions can be easily booked online by clicking the links above.

For Kabbalists: This is the perfect time to revisit the 4 Worlds Meditation and the Middle Pillar Ritual. Interested in attending a Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah program, check out the Modern Mystery School website for details.

Remember, you are an infinite Spiritual Being having a physical experience - the world is what you create. Good Luck!


About Kelly Hull Aho

As a Metaphysical Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Guide in the ancient Lineage of King Salomon, certified by the Modern Mystery School, Kelly has supported the empowerment, self-expression & personal healing of hundreds of people using the Mystery School techniques of activation, energy healing, and initiation.

Kelly shares her life with her amazing husband, two children and two furry cats in Phoenix AZ. Growing up in the midwest, she prefers practical over conceptual and serves her clients well from that perspective.

Find her on: IG: @spirituallyempowered

To inquire about working with Kelly:

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