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Empowerful Life

Backed by Metaphysics, Driven by Results
Our Approach

It's Simple!

You deserve a life well-lived. Free from suffering and full of joy, passion & fulfillment. 

We practice what we teach and it shows.  We are not a seminar company, nor will we treat you as if you do not have your own wisdom and experiences that hold innate value.  


These lineage tools have been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. Making them time tested and capable of producing dramatic results.


As Teachers, Healers, and Guides, we are 100% committed to you to reaching your highest potential. 

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About Us

We are Certified Practitioners of the Modern Mystery School, whose tools have been handed down teacher to student the same way for over 3,500 years. These tools of true empowerment are designed specifically for the spiritual progression of humans on our planet. 

We are a family. Not only in this Light Center, but a family of Initiates extending around the world in over 50 countries. We are all holding true to the mission of sustainable World Peace!

Manifesting More

Are you looking to create more in your life? Are you tired of living a life that isn't quite what you envisioned?  Whether you are seeking to love yourself more, or if you're trying to cultivate more business or professional success in your life, we have Lineage tools & techniques that will help. 

You Deserve More...










Our 4 Ways to True Freedom & Spiritual Empowerment


Advanced Activations

These activations will anchor more LIGHT into your life and allow you to access energies previously hidden to you. 


Metaphysical Training

These programs will teach you the foundations of the deeper hermetic and esoteric teachings of the Lineage of King Salomon.


Advanced Healing

These healings are powerful & potent, assisting you to heal areas that may be stuck and helps you reclaim to your own Divinity. 



These meditation techniques will help you achieve more clarity in your life and allow you to explore your universe.

Therapy Sessions
What People Say
Thank you so much for my Life Activation last night. I am feeling so many different things. My brain feels open. My heart feels open. My soul is over joyed. The air felt brighter even though it was gray out. My feet feel lighter. I feel more alert. Bottom line - I feel amazing.

 L.L. from Renton, WA.

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