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Our Approach.

It's Simple!

You deserve a life well-lived. Free from suffering and full of joy, passion & fulfillment. 

We practice what we teach and it shows.  We are not a seminar company, nor will we treat you as if you do not have your own wisdom and experiences that hold innate value.  


We  teach lineage tools that have been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years.  They are time tested and produce results.  We are 100% committed to supporting you to reach your highest potential. 


We have watched hundreds of people gain real and profound traction in their lives. We've watched as they learn to manifest the life they want to be living, while bringing in more joy, fulfillment and prosperity into their world. 

The information, healing sessions, meditations, & tools, combined with the physical initiation into one of the seven Ancient Mystery School, you can receive from our Center, will launch you into the actualization of your Destiny. 

Do you, like so many of us, have that little voice inside that is telling you there is something more to this life? Even though you have attained a measure of success, you may have a great job, family, and overall life, and yet, you have this gut feeling that you are missing something important. Some secret you just haven't figured out yet. And, you know that the time is NOW to figure it out! 

For thousands of years, the mystics and sages have been secretly carrying forward the wisdom and knowledge of who and what we are, where we come from, where we are going, and the Magick to figure it all out. The answers to these questions help us to connect with the final BIG question - WHAT IS MY PURPOSE IN LIFE? What is that 'thing' that I am meant to do, what is my major contribution to the world, and how will I know what it is? 

Like many people seeking more, you have a gut-feeling there is something greater to life, something that you are meant to be doing, and that you have a unique gift you are meant to bring forth for our world. 


We use these tool to Know Thyself.  To know yourself is to know others, to know the universe and to know God - by whichever name you choose to use.  In doing so we will create a world in which we can all live life to its fullest with deep and profound peace. 

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