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Practical Magick for Adepts

Quarterly Immersion Program

Every quarter throughout the year you are invited to take a deep-dive into Empower Thyself teachings so that you can embrace the magick of the adept and apply it successfully in your life. This is only available to those who have graduated from Empower Thyself and are Adept Initiates of the Modern Mystery School.

These quarterly programs are entirely optional. There will be no additional teachings. You will be given an opportunity to apply Empower Thyself (Adept) tools and be able to thrive in a supportive community of others committed to their healing and spiritual growth.

IN JULY 2022:

We will be covering the Subtle Bodies, Life Force Energies, and Will over three consecutive weeks.

Dates and Times:

  • Wednesday, July 13 

  • Wednesday, July 20 

  • Wednesday, July 27

Class Time is 7:00pm - 9:00pm PDT/MST


The energy exchange for this guided integration and application process is $150.

As an added bonus, if you choose to receive a healing during the three week immersion program, we will apply $50 of your registration to the healing session. 

Payments can be sent to your Guide via Venmo:

  • (@kelly-hullaho) 

  • (@brandon-aho-1)

  • (@michaela-court)

  • (@genie-markwell)

Once enrolled, you will receive an email confirmation including Zoom meeting details.


The Subtle Bodies are a part of our physical body’s system of operation. They are paramount for our ability to remain healthy and to have enough energy to live our life fully. We will be covering each subtle body in detail, including ways that you can strengthen these important systems.


Life Force Energy and Chi Forces are all around us, and important to our wellbeing. How can we cultivate more so that we are filled with additional energy during times of need? We will be reviewing Chi Do exercises as well as experiencing group meditation.


The Will is a major thread throughout Empower Thyself’s teachings, and is of ongoing importance in all metaphysical and hermetic training. We will cover what is will, where does will come from, and how do we work with will on the 2nd and 3rd meetings this quarter. As well as reviewing your 4 Wants and your 4 Needs so you can align them with your creational aspirations and goals.

If you have questions about this program? Connect with your Guide.


"The 'Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides' three week workshop was deeply interactive and overall profound experience for me.
The opportunity to work closely with three Guides catalyzed immense and lucrative fruitful growth and development."

— C.R.  Cottonwood AZ


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