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Can We Ever Be Truly Independent?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

The topic of independence, dependence, co-dependence, and interdependence is a big one in society right now. In fact, it's been a troublesome issue in the spiritual field for a long time. This month, the month when as Americans we celebrate Independence Day, we are shifting the Center's training and healing focus on cultivating spiritual independence (sometimes called spiritual sovereignty).

As students and those new to a spiritual path, we are dependent on a teacher or guide to show us the way, help us along the path, and to remind us of that which we've forgotten about our true eternal nature.

Eventually, this relationship becomes more interdependent. Teacher and student work more closely together as the student gains knowledge, experience and wisdom. Any good teacher and guide's greatest wish is for their students to surpass them!

As we gain wisdom (which is only possible through application of knowledge in our experiences), we gain independence, or spiritual sovereignty. We will no longer have the same dependency on a teacher or guide, especially as we come to know and act as god-beings in the physical fully engaged in fulfilling our mission of service.

Then, we are back to interdependence. There is always someone further down the path than we are, someone who can help us see our blind spots, help us see our ego issues, help us fine-tune our expression of godliness.

For those who remember: It is ALL of us, or NONE of us!

We invite you to join us this month at a class or event, or even better, during a private session receiving a healing.

Together we will grow, heal and make the world a better place!


About Kelly Hull Aho

As a Metaphysical Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Guide in the ancient Lineage of King Salomon, certified by the Modern Mystery School, Kelly has supported the empowerment, self-expression & personal healing of hundreds of people using the Mystery School techniques of activation, energy healing, and initiation.

Kelly shares her life with her amazing husband, two children and two furry cats in Phoenix AZ. Growing up in the midwest, she prefers practical over conceptual and serves her clients well from that perspective.

Find her on: IG: @spirituallyempowered

To inquire about working with Kelly:

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