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Acquiescence is Spiritual Quicksand

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

As a part of childhood programming, we are taught that we need to put our faith in someone else to know what is "best" for us. It is reconfirmed time and time again that we should question our own innate understanding and wisdom, forcing us to accept that those in authority positions know better than we do.

This is one of life's greatest fallacies perpetrated against children, and is the basis of most spiritual disempowerment.

I experienced this as a child, like most of us, and I fought against it for years. As a precocious child with a defiant character, I was quick to tell adults that they were wrong and that I was right. This landed me in a lot of hot water. I was relegated to the group of "troublemaker" children in most situations and even remember being told by an elder that children were suppose to be seen and not heard. That statement was so contrary to my inner sense of riotousness that I remember laughing in his face and skipping away.

I wish I could say that I remained this independent and self-assured throughout childhood and adolescence. Sadly, I did not. When I experienced the temporary relief of acquiescence sometime in elementary school I found that if I reluctantly agreed with an authority figure that the pressure for me to conform lessened. It was a false "freedom."However, when I realized that I didn't have to fight all day everyday to have my voice and innate wisdom heard and acknowledged, I could relax into the allure of the perceived relief of reluctant agreement.

This is the slippery slope of acquiescence that I mentioned in my article Reclaiming Your Crown - Acquiescence vs Sovereignty. When we allow someone's opinions, projections, beliefs and dramas to embed into our subconscious mind, when we allow space for their thoughts about us become our own inner dialogue, we have fallen into the quicksand of acquiescence.

What's worse, is that when we fail to reject these external disempowering messages we are in essence agreeing with them, and, without skipping a beat, our negative ego will utilize these false messages to keep us playing small, keep us afraid of our greatness, and will trick us into believing that we really feel this way about ourselves.

We all have a birthright. And, our birthright has nothing to do with pain, suffering or trauma. Our birthright is to wake up to our potential, live life by actualizing our untapped potential, and to know ourselves as eternal divine galactic beings having an Earthly experience.

Unfortunately, pain, suffering and trauma happen to us. None of us grow out of childhood without experiencing it, either real or perceived. We begin to distrust ourselves just as we begin to distrust those around us. We create separation so that we feel safe and then we end up feeling alone and unworthy of love. We have internalized external messages and now have a recurring mental stream of disempowering and fear-based stories that keep us frozen in our patterns and embedded in our shadows.

Quicksand is deadly because the more that you struggle to free yourself from it, the deeper you sink into its chasm. Spiritual quicksand is similar in that you believe yourself to be pulled down by the tricks of your mind, when in reality it is the splendor of the mind that will set you free.

I learned this when I experienced my first alchemical ascension journey up the Tree of Life in the 10-month Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Program. At the first balancing point on the ascension process of the Tree of Life you are learning to heal, discern and harmonize the mind with the emotions. At this point on the Tree, you begin to tackle the falsities of your lower self's programming. The Tree illuminates the places where the shadow has taken root so that you are better able to prune away that which does not serve or that which was not yours to begin with so that healing can occur.

I was well into my 30s when I took my first Kabbalah program. My first journey was illuminating. However, it was not until my third Tree that I was finally ready to start unveiling my true self by releasing disempowering mental constructs. In the years following, I continued to implement Kabalistic tools to uncover, heal, overcome, release & resolve the patterns of acquiescence I was complicit in creating. I experienced a true awakening as I learned to trust myself again. I learned to trust others again. And, I was still enough in my mind and emotions that I could save myself from the quagmire. In Kabalistic terms, this is called "reclaiming your crown."

I believe in the depths of my being that we are rapidly moving into a time on the planet when children no longer have to undergo the painful and disempowering process of programming as we know it today. As a Guide, Healer and Teacher within the Lineage of King Salomon, I see it as my sacred duty and honor to serve this world, to reach as many people as desire my services, so that we can all heal, reclaim our crowns, and usher in the world peace that was promised to us so many millennia ago.

I love you and I believe in you,


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