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Embracing the “Other Side”

Autumn offers a time to connect and celebrate loved ones, living and dead

With an open sense of wonder, I delve into this world fully and with all of me. Possessing a fertile mind and an optimistic heart, I consciously choose myself in this world at this time, in all its current state of chaos, because I know the reality happening beneath the surface. There’s always much more to the story.

Personally, I am in a death/rebirth cycle. I’m doing some deep inner work, introspection, and I’m reviewing my life and this period in my evolution. The ability to observe the seeds (ideas/desires) grow into a tree (manifested ideas/desires) and produce fruit (the end result of manifested ideas/desires) is made stronger and more intense during the Autumn season. It’s obvious our Collective Consciousness is processing through something similar. The planetary transits of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in 2020 and then the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius (December 21, 2020) set in motion a fateful transformation of our world.

Here we are in late 2021 and the changes of growth instigated in 2020 are laboriously moving forward. In numerology, 2021 is a “5 “ year. Five is smack in the center of 0-9 (birth-death) so we are in the middle, the flex point, determining how we want to move forward. Five is volatile; things can go either way for good or bad and quickly. In many traditions 5 is seen as an unlucky number because it relates to death and war, but it also correlates to change, which is not a bad thing. My lifetime or destiny number is 5. I have always loved the number. It means “change and surprise” and I love surprises (!) but it also means balance. Yes, one can pendulum swing too far one way or the other, but there is a balance point, and being in a “5” year offers us a chance to strengthen the balance. We are out of balance in so many ways, with our planet and with each other, but during Scorpio we cannot ignore the imbalances. We feel it and we are supposed to feel it.

Autumn represents the Adult, the cycle that shores up what has been learned to actualize manifestation and then thrive, ultimately to prepare for the phase of being a wise Elder (Winter). The flavor of Fall is a mixture of abundance, gratitude and the unseen world. This time of year provides access to the Other Side in various ways. The other side of our conscious world is our subconscious world. It is during the heart of the Autumn season that the veil between This Side (living) and the Other Side (dead) is the thinnest. It’s Scorpio season and this sign, which is ruled by mysterious and slow moving Pluto (the planet of transformation and rebirth), ushers in the traditions of Samhain, Dia de los Muertos and All Hallows’ Eve. These traditions, and others like it around the world, have been in existence for centuries. Regardless of whether one derives from the other (and of course all things on this planet are interconnected; inspiration begets inspiration) these observances and ceremonies are intended to solidify purpose and amplify intention, to fasten you with nutrients that carry you through a barren winter so you can slow down and connect, then have a fruitful spring.

This is a deeply magickal and dreamy time where we let go of rigidity and open up to the fluidity of what we truly are – Eternal Spiritual Beings in a Soul Vehicle Manifested in a Human Body. Scorpio loves this stuff! The other side of life is death. Death is merely a doorway, as is Birth.

In the meantime as we live, we honor the legacy of our ancestry and bigger spiritual family by paying homage to our dearly departed.

The Cosmos

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) is the sign of transformation, the occult, death, taxes (yep), psychology, secrets and sexual passion. When we think of Scorpio we often thing of the scorpion with its intimidating stinger and aggressive demeanor. But, it is often said that the scorpion stings itself more often than anything else. It has an intimidating appearance for a reason: to keep folks at bay. It doesn’t want to be examined or judged by your opinions. During Scorpio season, give this side of yourself some attention. Don’t push it away or assume you have no “dark side.” We all do, and it’s okay! Honor the part of yourself that is seduced by mystery, sexuality, psychology, danger and secrets. Enjoy some secrets of your own, but not from yourself.

This year Scorpio is actually more focused on home and family, which parallels perfectly with Autumn, the harvest and ceremonial practices. Even if you are not a Scorpio, during the Scorpio season spend time caring for your home and those who live in it. Prioritize home and family time (including our home of Earth).

Before the sun moves out of Scorpio on November 19th we will have our full moon (completion) and a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus. This presents a key moment to reflect on what really matters to you, your values, as well as your marketable talents and how to increase your income.

Overall advice for activities to concentrate on during Scorpio season: get ahead on taxes, research into your ancestry, start a new ritual by delving into mysticism and woo, assess your psychological state and determine if any adjustments can be made to your mindset, enjoy good sex or self-play  and cook some hearty meals, snuggle with loved ones. Finally, increase the water element in your life. You can do so with images of water, taking a relaxing bath, keeping a dream journal, or even donating to climate causes for drinking water and oceans.

Honoring the Dearly Departed

This year, I am fully embracing my mystical side and preparing an elaborate, intentional altar. I’ve done small altars and shelf altars for years but nothing like this. I feel I’m being called to do this. It feels natural and right. Curating trinkets and mementos, natural totems and crystals, incense, fruit and flowers from inside my house and outside in nature has been a treat. Simply gathering the tools is Ritual in itself. I’ve created a beautiful, personal altar to those who touched my life and are now in spirit form, including pets. I invite you to do the same in your own small (or big) way. Find comfort in the happy memories and internal wisdom gained from having these beings in your life. Give thanks for their legacy and how they touched your heart. Show gratitude for your vivid life, currently in progress.

These observances and ceremonies provide blessed opportunities to connect with spirit and metaphysical energy. Take the utmost care and respect to commune with the Spirit World and the Dearly Departed. These are not energies to be trifled with but they do not need to be feared. They need to be respected and revered. If you are unsure or feel trepidatious about connecting, simply offer a prayer to your loved ones and ancestors (and Spirits of Autumn), burn sage or incense and set out some fall produce (apples, gourds), maybe some fall leaves and stones from around your yard or neighborhood, and a few personal mementos to honor them and express gratitude.

Altar ideas:

Besides Pinterest, there are some helpful articles and sites devoted to altar purpose and planning.

Seasons and the Elements

Autumn represents the West and the Water element (Earth Magick-pagan-Wiccan) and can also represent Earth (Indigenous) or Metal (Feng Shui). The seasons of Nature mirror the seasons of human Life, just as they mirror the Four Directions and Four Elements. If you look at the Pagan Wheel of the Year, Native American Medicine Wheels, Feng Shui Bagua maps, you’ll find that the elements and directions may flip flop but the attributes remain. I was most drawn to a multidisciplinary chart as described below.

Spring = Birth = Childhood = Dawn = Waxing Moon = East = Air

Summer = Youth = Growth = Noon = Full Moon = South = Fire

Autumn = Adulthood = Maturity = Sunset = Waning Moon = West = Water

Winter = Elder = Transformation = Midnight = New Moon = North = Earth

(Note: North/South + Winter/Summer switch in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Adieu, beautiful beings. May this post inspire you to flavor your life with all things Fall and celebrate your departed loved ones. While it hurts they’re gone, never thinking of them again is not an option. By observing, remembering, and celebrating, we honor the gifts they gave us in life and their greater journey as a soul on the Other Side. Remember to also express gratitude for this life you live, and then feast upon it!

With love and wonder,



Holli's Resources: My imagination + inspiration, my dreams, my desires, my spiritual encounters, my human encounters, my guides, the vibes surrounding me, my journalistic training, as well as Debra Silverman (astrologer), Dr. Theresa Bullard, PhD, Modern Mystery School, and Gahl E. Sasson’s book: “The Astrology of 2021: Out of Darkness, Light.”

About Holli Weatherington

Holli is a writer, astrologer and former journalist from Memphis, TN, now living in Colorado with her husband and two cats. She is actively engaged in deep Spiritual growth, service to the Human Connection, and devotion to Natural Magick, Astrology and Mysticism. You can follow her online and hire her for astrology readings.

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