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Contraction and Expansion - The Natural Order of Creation

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

We are all creators - we create all aspects and circumstances in our life. We are in control of how successful we are, and we are responsible for all that we manifest. Okay, so these are provocative statements. We are certainly not taught that we are in charge of the world that we create, and can choose which direction our life goes depending on our desire & intention. In fact, most of the training we receive from our family, our education, and society in general attempts to instill that we are victims of our circumstances, and that we are submissive to corporations, governments and the wealthy-elite. They are the ones in control, and we are simply the cogs in the machine they have control over.

As a student and teacher of ancient wisdom, the truth that I am responsible for all the circumstances of my life has been a bitter pill to swallow at times. The trap of victimhood is readily available to catch me and keep me from learning a lesson so I can move on.

Synopsis of the Contraction / Expansion Theory:

God is all things, all places - basically everywhere, every time, and everything all at once. So, when God - EnSof - decided to create humanity, there required a place void of God so that a new things could come into manifest. Therefore, God withdrew itself inward, contracted its energy and being, so that a void could come into existence. Into this void, this space empty of all things, God then, through an expulsion and expansion of energy, created the Universe into which humanity would come to exist. (Seriously shortened version of a beautiful creation story. To learn more I encourage you to read more on the subject. See reading list at the bottom of this blog post.) As a Guide and Teacher (and eternal student), I help people remember that they are created in God's image, and are therefore creator-gods-in-training. This means that the same rules of creation would apply to us. If we believe this ancient wisdom, that we create our universe through intention and desire, then for us to bring our desire into manifestation we must first make room for the creation to exist. We too must contract - draw into ourselves, hibernate, withdraw - allowing space for our intentional creation to become manifest. This is by no means a passive act, do not mistake the hibernation as an inactive state of being. Nothing can come into manifestation without action by its creator, what I am talking about is an energetic removal and a concentration of creative energy before the explosion of force (energy) funnels into the form (delineated object of desire). I began noticing a pattern in my life of contractions & expansions. What I have found extremely fascinating is that these patterns used to take 6 months to a year, and sometimes even longer, to play out. Now, I feel the pattern play out in shorter and more effective time frames. Depending on what I am working on creating in my life, this pattern has played out in single day. What changed?

  1. I received a Life Activation & the Galactic Activation - fully activating the blueprint for my highest self.

  2. I became an adept in the Lineage of King Salomon by taking the Empower Thyself Program - giving me unfettered access to ancient wisdom and protection.

  3. I completed the 10-month Universal Kabbalah Ascension program - activating the 10 spheres of Tree of Life within my genetic blueprint. (Check out the Modern Mystery School International's website for upcoming dates)

Having done these Activations, Initiations, and Ascensions, I have learned so much about who I am, what I am, where I come from, where I am going, and what my purpose is in this life (the essential 5 Questions.) that when I set my intention, add desire & release expectations of outcome, I create rapidly & successfully. I know, sounds super easy... but in application feels complicated. If you, like me, know there is something more to this world and the way it seems to be governed, and want to learn the truth, I encourage you to run - don't walk - to the next scheduled Empower Thyself Program & Initiation. The only prerequisite is to have a Life Activation. I offer these in a package deal for full-pay clients, so take advantage of the savings if you can.

In my experience, during times of contraction, it is best to use this quiet time to get clarity about what you really want to create and focus on your desire. It is also a great time for physical and energetic healing. Do things that take care of you, things that bring you Joy, and be kind to yourself. Don't forget to meditate! :) For those of us who are reformed Type A personalities, times of contraction can feel like times we are not accomplishing anything. Therefore, we can get intensely self deprecating and critical. Remember, compassion isn't just for others, we should cultivate it in spades for ourselves. Remember, you have the power to create the world you want to live in. Tuning into your own cycles, as well as the greater universal cycles only serves to make you that much more successful and empowered. Learn all you can, but don't forget that nothing can happen without your intention, desire and action. Until next time - Namaste

Reading List

The Mystical Qabalah, Dion Fortune. Revised edition 2000. Weiser Books, San Francisco, CA.

A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism. Gareth Knight. Compiled edition 2001. Weiser Books, Boston, MA.

Kabbalah: an Introduction and Illumination for the World Today. Charles Ponce. 6th Quest printing 1995. Quest Books, Wheaton, IL.


About Kelly Hull Aho

As a Metaphysical Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Guide in the ancient Lineage of King Salomon, certified by the Modern Mystery School, Kelly has supported the empowerment, self-expression & personal healing of hundreds of people using the Mystery School techniques of activation, energy healing, and initiation.

Kelly shares her life with her amazing husband, two children and two furry cats in Phoenix AZ. Growing up in the midwest, she prefers practical over conceptual and serves her clients well from that perspective.

Find her on: IG: @spirituallyempowered

To inquire about working with Kelly:

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