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Awaken Thyself

Have you ever wondered if there is more to this life? How many times as a child did you think "Is this all there is?" Do you wonder why you are still dissatisfied, even though you are successful, happy, and loved?

If even one of these questions relates to your experience, then this class is a great place to start exploring alternative ways of awakening your life to untapped potential, and expanding your consciousness for greater actualization.

The Awaken Thyself in the Light's program can be a fantastic first-step towards the Initiatory Path of the ancient mystery school tradition.

Investment: $50*
Prerequisite: None

*If you submit the $350 deposit for Empower Thyself during class, we will apply your $50 Awaken Thyself class fee to your remaining balance for Empower Thyself.

Check the Calendar for upcoming Classes or contact us today to schedule a class.

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