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7 Ancient Mystery Schools

It seems like the term "Mystery School" has become a catch-phrase in our emerging spiritually-focused society. Every day there are organizations calling themselves a mystery school popping up and offering programs for spiritual seekers. How do you know which are for real, and which are merely capitalizing on a hot trend? 

There are 7 Ancient Mystery Schools that have been anchoring the planet's deep, hidden teachings about who and what we are, where we come from, and where we are going. Each of these schools, spread out across the globe, are responsible for an special aspect of the human system. 

In this program, you will be introduced to the 7 Ancient Mystery Schools, learn where they are, what their purpose is, and experience one of their ancient rituals.

Investment: $50
Prerequisite: None

Check the Calendar for upcoming Classes or contact us today to schedule a class.

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