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My Story

When I was a kid, I felt alone. For me even just simply waking up in the morning was a challenge. I felt insecure, insignificant, and disheartened with the world. My teenaged years felt like a constant battle. I was angry, and felt completely alone. I felt like there was almost nothing in the world to live for. 

Well luckily that started to change when my parents dragged me into to do a Life Activation. ​Without my even realizing it my life changed. The way that I saw myself was completely different. It really wasn't until years after the fact that I was able to really see the actual results from those sessions.


I never imagined in my life that I would want to become a healer, or a teacher, or even pursue a spiritual practice, but everyday I just can't believe my luck that this is the path that my family found.


I want to share these tools  with as many people, because I know from personal experience that these tools work, and these tools can make lives better.

Tristan received certification from The Modern Mystery School as a Life Activation Practitioner in 2016 and as a Teacher in 2019.

Tristan's Contact

I'm always looking to provide support and to serve new clients. Let's connect.

612-710-3170  Call or Text

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