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Spiritual Intuition Development

What is Spiritual Intuition?


These are the senses we experience the world through, sometimes referred to as psychic senses. They assist us with making sense out of information we are receiving from Spirit, the environment, and God.


There are 5 physical senses, and thus 5 gifts of spiritual intuition.

As we work on developing these senses, we are also increasing our discernment and ability to perceive accurately the world around us. Including understanding our emotional, physical, and mental reactions to the stimulus around us.

In these two classes, you will receive exercises to strengthen and deepen your connection to the 5 Spiritual Senses - which, when done as taught, will exponentially increase your ability to receive clear and concise messages from your soul, your spirit & spirit guides, and ultimately God.

Investment: $50 per class

Prerequisite: None

Book your class from the list below.

Develop Your Intuition Part One
Develop Your Intuition Part Two
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