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Are you having a spiritual awakening and seeking a reliable path...

          Do you have an inner call to serve the planet at a higher level...

               Would you like to use your spiritual gifts effectively...

                     Do you want to explore the truth of who and what you are?

Join Kelly Aho, spiritual guide and metaphysical teacher, for three days of deep teachings, foundational trainings, with a private healing session to tap into & activate you potential.

Up-level your spiritual development- receive ancient tools for enlightenment.

Upon graduation of this weekend workshop, you will be well prepared to receive the ancient rite of initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light by becoming an Adept within the Lineage of King Solomon. Anchoring 10 times more Light & Empowerment onto the planet!


Dates:  Friday, September 9

               Saturday, September 10

               Sunday, September 11

Time:    6:00p - 10:00p

               10:00a - 2:00p

               10:00a - 6:00p


Full Workshop: $700

(covers all class materials)

Hosted by Holli Weatherington and Chip Wiley in Longmont, Co.


Class is currently limited to 8 participants. Payment in full at time of registration.

Contact Holli Weatherington to enroll: Email & Phone



Friday September 9

11a-5p Private Sessions - Life Activations

6p-10p Sacred Geometry 1

Learn to create a temple of Light for heightened Joy. Living & working within a sacred space has become increasingly important. In this 4 hour class you will learn mystery school teachings & tools for amplifying Light and creating a barrier from unwanted energy. You will leave class with the power & authority to create containers of Light as well as holy temple space.

Saturday September 10

10a-2p Astral Travel Level 1

Used for thousands of years, Astral Travel is a powerful way to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding. When you master the ability to travel with your consciousness, all knowledge is accessible and only limited by your imagination.

3p-7p Private Sessions - Life Activation

7p-10p Awakening to the Path of the Initiate

Have you ever asked yourself - Who am I or Why am I here? Deep down, everyone wants to know the answers to these and a host of other questions about the universe and about themselves, they just do not even know where to look. A Mystery School offers the education and training necessary for you to understand who and what you are, and why we are here. The Key is the journey to discover yourself.


Sunday September 11

10a-12p Community Building & Brunch

A spiritual path can be a lonely one, but you don't have to be alone on it. Sunday morning we will build our community of other spiritual travelers while we share a meal and good conversation together.

1p-5p 12 Roots Races of Earth

We are not alone on planet earth! We are lucky enough to share it with 11 other distinct races of beings who are not human, but can sometimes look just like us. In order to create a peaceful planet, our working relationship with each of the other races needs to transform from drama and fear and into honor and respect.

6p-10p Private Sessions - Life Activation

Monday September 12

10a-2p Private Sessions - Life Activation

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Do you have questions about enrollment or classes that are not answered above? You can email or call us directly, or complete the form below. Make sure to add to your contacts/address book to ensure our emails reach you. 

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