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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry Level 1

For more and more of us, creating a sacred space for our events or homes has become increasingly important. In the physical world we have walls, a roof, and floors to keep things out of our space. Bugs, the elements, unwanted people. Walls also keep the heat in when we have the furnace on, and it creates a separate space that is just ours.

So what are we doing in the spiritual world to keep out unwanted energy? What are we doing to create a sacred, gridded area to build energy in our space? Imagining a white ball of energy is great, but you would have to visually think about the ball of light the all the time in order to stay protected and sealed.

What is gridding, and how can it help you hold more space, and stronger space for your events or for your home? What is sacred geometry? How do we use it in gridding?

In this class you will learn:

1. How to created a sacred temple.
2. How to grid your home, workspace, center to keep your space protected and strong.
3. The ancient art of sacred geometry and how to use it to help your clients and yourself connect better to spiritual energies.
4. How to clear and charge a space.
5. How to set up an altar for the purposes of your class or your spiritual practice. The altar is the anchor for your class or your home, and is very important for holding the energy.
6. Sacred prayers to connect to your Higher Self and to build your own energy structure.

***You also receive a sacred geometry attunement to amplify the energy in your energy body, allowing you to connect to others more strongly.

Investment: $150

Package Pricing is available when booked with Astral Travel Level 1.

Prerequisite: None. However, a Life Activation is highly recommended.

~ This is one of four prerequisite classes for the 2nd Step Initiation at Healer's Academy

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