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Are you looking for a little spiritual adventure? Is it time to get traction on actualizing your life's mission? Have you been seeking a tried-and-true system of manifestation, healing & ascension? Then you are ready for Kabbalah; and, the Tree has been waiting for you!

Here are the details that we know so far:
  • The program will be 10-12 months long, and you will have 4 Classes with the International Kabbalah Instructor and 11 optional study group meetings with an approved study group leader.

  • The Program fee is $900 per class

    • ($700 for Certified Life Activation Practitioners)

  • $3600 total + Final Retreat Costs

    • ($2800 for CLAPs)

  • Optional Study Groups are $30 paid to your study group leader at each meeting.

  • Target start date for the Phoenix Program will be late spring or mid-summer of 2022.

  • We will not know who the International Kabbalah Teacher will be until we have approval and dates from the Modern Mystery School Headquarters in Toronto.


In order for the Program to happen, we will need a minimum of 25 New Kabbalah Students.

  • We are ready to begin taking your $500 deposit (which will apply to your Kabbalah 1 payment).

    • We will hold this deposit (for no longer than one year) as we work to build this program.

    • If we are unsuccessful at building this Program, you will receive 100% of your deposit back.

    • The deposit will support the energy build of the program, and will assist us in the building process.

    • You are welcome to attend a Kabbalah program in another city. If you have a deposit with us, and we are taking too long to build, we will support you and return your deposit.

Your Deposit for the Hermetic Ray Universal Kabbalah Program can be sent to us via Venmo (@kelly-hullaho). We will not be accepting credit cards for this program. 

If you would like to discuss whether this program is right for you, please book a conversation with your Guide today.

Brandon - (425) 272-3082 - Email
Kelly - (253) 431-1636 - Email

Wondering if Kabbalah is Right for You?

Divina Kate Bartram-Brown (Member of the Council of 12) interview Martina Coogan (International Kabbalah Instructor).


Martina Coogan is 1 of 10 International Kabbalah Instructors that could be assigned to this Kabbalah Program. 

If the Video doesn't play, visit Modern Mystery School UK EU Youtube Page

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