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Foundational Training for the Soul


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There has never been a better time on the planet to focus inward, commit to your healing process, and receive the tools to increase your vibratory frequency so that you can remain focused on the positive and bring more Light into your community!

The FULL PROGRAM consists of one 2-full-day weekend + two evening classes.


This training opportunity will take place in Tacoma WA on Friday, February 4 - Monday, February 7, 2022; AND as an added bonus, program participants will receive FREE admission to an evening class (Thurs, Feb 3) where we will discover the locations and detailed information about the 7 Ancient Mystery Schools.

Created for new and existing students, this four day program will provide foundational courses in metaphysical science, esotericism and shamanic magick.


You are welcome to register for one or for all of the classes. Discounts are available for those committing to more than one class. Class Packages are listed below.

The only prerequisite for this training program is a Life Activation. Please contact Jennifer Miller directly to make arrangements for this one-on-one session prior to program start. 

Thursday, February 3, 7pm - 9pm
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Cost: $20

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: Kelly Aho

Seven Ancient Mystery Schools

knowledge from the original schools of wisdom.


Ancient knowledge about humans, their origin and Source has been held in secret organizations known as Mystery Schools.


Hidden from view, and hidden from society, seven schools of wisdom exist across the globe, ensuring that fundamental knowledge necessary for human consciousness ascension is accessible and possible.


This knowledge forms the foundation for all successful societies on the planet, including the old shamanic societies; and holds the keys for the new society we are moving into, referred to as the New Paradigm or Shamballah.


Students of these schools learn to use powerful and transformational tools for the enhancement of their physical life. Traditionally, the seven mystery schools are closed systems with only one of the seven schools teaching openly in society each century. This is still true today.


In this evening event, you will be introduced to the seven mystery schools, revealing their geographical regions, as well as what they teach and  their unique planetary service.  You will be lead through an ancient ceremony or ritual from each of the seven schools.

**This class is offered FREE, as an added bonus, to anyone enrolled in either Sacred Geometry 1, Astral Travel, or Empower Thyself in Tacoma, February 4-7, 2022.

Friday, February 4, 6pm - 10pm


Cost: $150

Prerequisites: Life Activation

Instructor: Kelly Aho

Sacred Geometry Level 1

LEARN HOW TO CREATE A TEMPLE OF LIGHT for heightened protection and joy.

Creating a sacred space has become increasingly important, as the desire to have a safe space to work and play is part of the New Paradigm energy.

What are you doing in the spiritual world to keep out unwanted energy? How do you create a sacred, gridded area to build energy in your space?

Learn what 'gridding,' is and how can it help you hold more Light and stronger space for your events, your clients, or for your home.

In this class you will learn:

  1. How to created a sacred temple.

  2. How to grid your home, workspace, center to keep your space protected and strong.

  3. The ancient art of sacred geometry and how to use it to help your clients and yourself connect better to spiritual energies.

  4. How to clear and charge a space.

  5. How to set up an altar for the purposes of your class or your spiritual practice. The altar is the anchor for your class or your home, and is very important for holding the energy.

  6. Sacred prayers to connect to your Higher Self and to build your own energy structure.


***You also receive a sacred geometry attunement to amplify the energy in your energy body, allowing you to connect to universal energy more effectively.

Monday, February 7, 6pm - 10pm


Cost: $150

Prerequisites: Sacred Geometry 1

Instructor: Kelly Aho

Astral Travel

consciousness to travel outside the physical body.

Astral Travel has been used for thousands of years as a way to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding.


When you master the ability to travel with your consciousness, all knowledge is accessible and only limited by your imagination.

In this class you will learn: 

  1. How to safely and easily explore the known universe.

  2. How to expand one's consciousness in order to travel outside the physical body.

  3. Learn to safely shift conscious control and thought from energy inside the body to energy outside the body.

  4. How to access and work with the energy of the Akashic Records - also known as the Book of Life.

  5. Have greater appreciation of God's energy & how to access unconditional love.

Saturday - Sunday  February 5-6
Empower Thyself Adept Initiation

The time is now to shift yourself, heal & start living life FULLY!


You are ready to receive 10 times the energy in order to empower and fulfill your life's work!

Do you have that little voice inside that is telling you there is something more to this life? Even though you have attained a measure of success: you may have a great job, family, and overall life, and yet, you have this gut feeling that you are missing something important. Some secret formula to life that you just haven't figured out yet? And, you know that the time is NOW to figure it out!

This 2-day transformative weekend starts the process of energetic alignment with the Universe and the Divine! All that is required of you is an open mind and a willingness to imagine beyond perceived limitations and limiting beliefs!


The information & tools, combined with the physical initiation into one of the seven Ancient Mystery Schools, during this weekend program will propel you forward into the actualization of your Destiny.

Prerequisite: Life Activation (package available below)

Investment: $1,200 with $350 deposit; Audits: $350

Option One

Any Single Class Listed Above


Life Activation

Activation is discounted to

$200 in this package

Package Options

Option Two

Sacred Geometry
Level 1

Astral Travel

*Package Pricing only available if you've received a Life Activation


Option Three

Sacred Geometry
Level One


Astral Travel


Empower Thyself

($1200 stand alone)


(without Life Activation)



(with a Life Activation)


Do you have questions about enrollment or classes that are not answered above? You can email or call us directly, or complete the form below. Make sure to add to your contacts/address book to ensure our emails reach you. 

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