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Space Enhancement

Crystal Gridding


Crystal Gridding is an ancient art of utilizing crystals in order to protect and amplify the energy in your space. Each layer of crystals provides unlimited access to these specific energies:

  • A powerful energetic protection

  • Brings God more present into your space

  • Calls in more divinity and light into your space

  • Greater manifestation & abundance for your life

  • Builds a container to help facilitating healing, and meditation 

This technique was mastered by Leonardo Da Vinci and is used in some of the oldest churches and buildings throughout the world. These crystals create an energetic temple within your home that can last a lifetime. These crystals become powerful anchors of light that will help create more well-being within your home, as well as help screen energies that come into the home, allowing you to help keep helpful positive energies in your home. ​

How do I get my space crystal gridded?

In order to get your space crystal gridded you will first need to schedule a consultation with a practitioner. They will have to see your space's layout and size in order to determine how to setup the grids. Additional energetic work may be required to be done prior to gridding, at an additional cost. 

Base rate is $2,000 - (Additional fee if you are 40 miles outside of 85022)

Price based on a 1 floor, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house/apartment. 
Included with base price is a full set of whole house crystals, and installation.
Additional grids can be added for an additional price per room. 
Final Price will depend on size and shape of space. 

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